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The curtain never comes down on art, culture and entertainment in Piceno, which has a host of events for all tastes: an extravagant range of art exhibitions, concerts, conferences and festivals offer visitors countless opportunities.
This land of the thousand faces will never failed to astonish the tourist who seeks unforgettable experiences in cultural events of national renown.
With its history dating back thousands of years, the treasures of its landscapes, and its solid cultural roots (eighteen historic theatres, thirteen archaeological museums, forty museums of various kinds, and six art galleries) Piceno is the natural setting for cultural events.
This is the ideal place for market fairs, meetings and festivals of all kinds, ranging from art to music, literature and entertainment.

Historic venues put on top-level exhibitions acclaimed by critics and the public alike, and sculpture comes to the fore in a number of traditional summer events in Piceno, in which artists work en plein air, in the streets and squares of hill-top villages and in the port areas of San Benedetto del Tronto.
Music lovers will find a long tradition of performers and public in Piceno, possibly brought about by the harmonious relationship the inhabitants of this land have always had with their beautiful countryside, mindful of the words of William Shakespeare: “The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils“.
Artists of national and international fame perform in the many concerts and operas to satisfy a demanding public in all genres of music.
And indeed Piceno is home to a huge variety of events of national and international renown.
The wide choice of programmes means the tourist can enjoy wonderful performances throughout the area.
Piceno is a land suspended in time but it is also a land of mothers and a land of the spirit, always close to the sky surrounding mountain tops that are always there to see.
These are the mountains of the two national parks in the territory.
A land of abyssal, labyrinthine queries of which the legendary sorceress Sibilla continues to remind the traveller from her caves in the Sibillini mountains.
A land of enigmatic, lunar features, which Osvaldo Licini has significantly viewed as an obsessive presence of existential interpretation.
Permanent events