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Cicling through the green


With its countless different landscapes, its beautiful villages and places where one can rest in the atmosphere of bygone times, Piceno makes for ideal cycling country.
Here cyclists can find a host of routes of varying degrees of difficulty for the most pleasant and rewarding rides.
Piceno by bike is the perfect cure for stress.
A place where body and mind can find repose in a land of true quality, in search of places and stories that open up a new world: sea and mountains, countryside, cities, woods, and little villages perched on hilltops and in the heart of the mountains.
Piceno offers numerous cycling itineraries of great scenic, artistic and sporting interest.
The routes are perfect for cyclists of all levels, varying in difficulty and length, with itineraries that go through the most attractive places in the area, through a stunning array of landscapes, to discover abbeys, parish churches, castles and much more besides.
The mild climate, the hospitality of the people, and the wide range of tourist facilities mean that Piceno can offer all the cycling tourist could desire.
Few areas have such a profound bond with the land as Piceno: a land to be discovered and enjoyed with all the senses, with the eyes and the palate.
Cycling often becomes a journey of the spirit.
The choice of route may be hard, for there are just so many to choose from: there are cycle paths along the seafront and others by the rivers, peaceful country roads, dirt tracks through the country and mountains, cycle tracks and paths.
Each route has a precise ultimate objective, which may be a scenic spot, a famous building, a natural phenomenon, a village, or a historic city, but then again, it may be some magnificent gastronomic delight, a special wine, an exquisite sweet, or simply the pleasure of stopping off at a trattoria that offers genuine food at reasonable prices, in a family atmosphere.
One of the great itineraries is the Grande Anello dei Sibillini, which can be covered on a mountain bike in five or six days.